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  • After The Storm
    Self-Help Guidebook

    After a break-up we can feel like we’ve really lost a piece of ourselves. It can take a long time to get back to feeling like yourself, and many of us can’t seem to find that feeling. After the Storm is a 30-day guide to doing just that – finding your true sense of self! All you need is an open, clear mind and a desire for change.

    This concise and effective guide gives you the power to find yourself on your own terms. Each day comes with an important principle and helpful lessons such as making positive choices, focusing on gratitude and drawing meaning from it, dealing with anxiety, how to avoid slipping back into old habits, and more. With each step, you will find the strength overcome loss after a difficult break-up and take your healing into your own hands. Not only will you build yourself back up, but you’ll become the best version of yourself by taking charge of your own life.

    Begin every day on this thirty-day journey with a positive affirmation and keep track of your progress with regular check-ins throughout the day. You’ll be able to assess your own well-being and see how far you’ve come. At the end of your 30-day journey, you’ll realize that you gained more than you lost in your break-up!