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    About Baiden & Associates LLC

    Baiden & Associates LLC is a leading provider of mental health services, offering support and resources to mental healthcare professionals across   CO, CT, MA, OR, TX, GA, VA, MD or D.C. With a team of experienced and passionate mental health advocates, Baiden & Associates is dedicated to empowering providers to grow their private practices and serve the communities they care about.

    At Baiden & Associates, we believe that everyone deserves access to quality mental healthcare and that therapists should have the freedom to work on their own terms. Our mission is to provide comprehensive support and resources to private practices so that they can focus on providing essential mental healthcare services to those who need it.

    Why Work With Baiden & Associates?

    We are dedicated to supporting our providers at every stage of their journey.

    • Effortless Credentialing with Major Insurers: As a part of Baiden & Associates LLC, enjoy hassle-free credentialing with major insurance providers in your state, allowing you to easily see insurance clients.
    • Comprehensive support: Our team provides support for credentialing with major insurance companies, referral stream and marketing partnerships, a dedicated intake and scheduling team, a user-friendly EHR portal, and bi-weekly direct deposit-based account accrual.
    • Autonomy and flexibility: Our providers have the autonomy to build the practice of their dreams, set their own schedules, and choose between in-person and virtual appointments.
    • Attractive earnings: Our providers can earn up to $105.00/hour for therapists, with favourable insurance rates.
    • Telehealth Options: Our platform offers the flexibility to choose between in-person or virtual appointments, catering to your preferences.
    • Benefits: Baiden & Associates offers, a flexible schedule, continuing education credits, peer support group, and professional development assistance.
    • Referral and Marketing Support to Expand Your Practice: Allow us to assist in promoting your practice to a vast audience through our referral and marketing partnerships.
    • Easy-to-Use EHR Portal with Live Support: Benefit from our custom-designed, centralized EHR portal that streamlines invoice submission, client management, and scheduling, all in one convenient location. You’ll also have access to live support from our dedicated provider support team.

    Minimum Qualifications:

    • Licensed in either   CO, CT, MA, OR, TX, GA, VA, MD or D.C.   
    • Interested in part-time contract positions
    • 1-3+ years of experience
    • Malpractice insurance

    Job Types: Contract

    Pay: Up to $105.00 per hour


    • Flexible schedule
    • Professional development assistance
    • Free Supervision
    • Free Private Practice Business Consultations 

    Please fill the application and attach your resume, cover letter and references to Baiden & Associates Assistant to the President ([email protected]).   

    Job Types: Contract

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