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    Supervised Visitation

    Supervised Visitation:

    A qualified Supervised Visit Facilitator will observe visits between the parent(s) and the children presently living outside the parent’s home.  In addition to ensuring healthy interactions between those involved, the visit facilitator ensures the safety of all parties. Visit Facilitators offer comprehensive visit reports and any relevant information to help assess progress and issues.


    • Maintain and Strengthen Family Relationships
    • Stay current with the child’s development, interests, and activities
    • Enjoy time with youth child without fear of allegations
    • Provide a secure, supportive, and convenient atmosphere

    Therapeutic Supervised Visitation:

    Traditionally, supervised visits between a non-custodial parent and a child are similar to a therapeutic supervised visitation,  except that the licensed therapist supervises and guides the visit. Prior, during and after the visit, the therapist meets the family in order to “bind the wound” in an unwanted relationship between parent and child. The therapist complies with the guidelines established by the court or referral agency and sends progress reports and recommendations, as required, to the referral source.


    • Demonstrates a dedication to family reunification for a judge and/or referral source
    • Healing of past traumas
    • Communication of feelings
    • Better response to children’s needs and the development of adequate parental skills.