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    Baiden & Associates LLC is expanding its private practice and seeking additional practicum student (s) who fits our values.


    Practicum Experience

    All Accredited social work programs require field placement. Field experience enables social work students to practice skills learned in their coursework and observe professionals at work. Social work field placements give student a leg up in their profession, providing them with practice dealing with challenges and issues they are likely to face on the job.

    During a social work practicum, the student follows and observes a social work on their limited bases, usually once a week. The student may take on some responsibilities under the close supervision of a trained social worker. A practicum is generally part of a course that requires reporting and reflecting on experiences in the field to combine theory and practice.

    We believe in giving the highest practicum experience to students during their experience at Baiden & Associates LLC.

    As a therapist-in training, to develop and refine skills in:

    • Establish strong relationships with clients
    • Conceptualizing clients and their concerns
    • Learn how to use supervision effectively
    • Developing and applying theoretically based plan for treatment with each client
    • Give and receive professional, timely, and appropriate feedback to your peers
    • Actively participate in developing and maintaining an atmosphere of trust and support during your practicum experience here
    • Participate as a professional in Baiden & Associate and to learn the working of such agencies
    • Using your awareness of yourself as a therapeutic tool
    • Provide individual and couple psychotherapy including assessment, treatment planning and discharge planning/summary. 
    • Coordinate any contact and forms prior to commencement of therapy sessions. 
    • Manage online client calendar and respond to emails from clients.
    • Maintain some evening and weekend availability (negotiable hours).


    16-20 hours time commitment each week, for the academic year (Mid August to mid-May). These hours will consist of:

    • 4-6 direct service hours of individual therapy each week for the fall semester; all client session will be audio taped or videotaped
    • 5-7 direct service hours of individual therapy each week for the spring semester
    • 1.5 hours of individual clinical supervision each week (provided by Baiden & Associates)
    • 2 hours of group supervision each week (provided by Baiden & Associates)
    • Observation of 5 Initial Appointments over the course of the academic year
    • Discretionary time used to listen to tapes, write notes, prepare for individual and group supervision, and read assigned articles/books


    • Status as a current graduate student in a Social Work program
    • Successfully completion of a counseling skills course
    • Successful completion of a counseling theories overview course


    • Students will be compensated with a $1,500 stipend.

    $750 Fall Semester- Successful completion of Fall semester

    $750 Spring Semester- Successful completion of Spring semester

    MSW Student to Baiden & Associates Therapist:

    Students who successfully graduate with an MSW Degree, and have successfully completed a practicum experience with Baiden & Associates, will be selected priority as a new therapist staff

    Please fill the application and attach your resume, cover letter and references to Baiden & Associates Assistant to the President ([email protected]).  

    Job Types: MSW Practicum

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