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    Baiden & Associates LLC is expanding clinical supervision for Licensed or Licensure-Track Social Workers.

    Supervision Description:

    Therapy is both an art and a science. While it’s possible to learn basic scientific principles in school, the art of therapy can prove challenging. How will you deal with a client who can’t stop crying? What will you do if a client never speaks or only seems interested in talking about you? How can you measure progress in therapy? How can you prevent your own biases and emotions from intruding upon the therapeutic process? These are difficult questions with complex answers. Clinical supervision prepares you to tackle these and many other issues.

    Therapist have an ethical duty to protect their client’s best interest and provide quality therapy. Doing so can prove difficult when you’re learning. Clinical supervision allows you to learn by doing, without risking harm to your clients or treating them as a guinea pigs.

    Clinical Supervision Experience

    Jonathan Kwaku Baiden is an LCSW-C Board Approved Supervisor in the state of Maryland. Supervision is available for anybody seeking licensure for LCSW, LCSW-C, and LICSW. Group and individual supervision aim to help supervisees improve themselves as a therapist and a person.

    Supervisees can expect to grow as a therapist with increased knowledge, confidence in therapeutic skills and evolving your identity.

    We believe in giving the highest supervision to Licensed or Licensure-Track Social Workers at Baiden & Associates LLC.

    Supervision Expectations: The following outline are the preferred order to help social workers supervisees build a deeper understanding of their cases:

    • Background and historical information: Salient detail such as family structure, relationships, historical trauma, history of mental health or abdication issues, mental health treatment and medical history
    • Presenting problem or concern: Client’s description of their problem, what they hope to achieve, risk factors and substance use.
    • Testing and assessment measures: Identification of any test or assessment measures that are useful for the client, their problem or treatment
    • Diagnosis: Past and current diagnosis, different diagnosis process
    • Multicultural consideration: Demographic information, diversity or cultural considerations for the case, important cultural components that impact treatment or mental health
    • Systems or developmental theory consideration: Identification of any system of development models or theories that are important for cases.
    • Therapy theories: The theories or modalities that are being used, and research support for the therapy theory.
    • Treatment plan: Description of the goals, objectives and interventions for the case
    • Ethical considerations: Current or potential ethical issues that apply to cases.

    Individual Supervision: Individual supervision is offered as needed and by appointment.

    The cost for individual supervision is $55/hr.

    Group Supervision: Currently opening for group supervision that meets the 1st Saturday of each month from 9am-12pm and 1:30pm-4:30pm. Groups are held virtually.

    The cost of group supervision is $25/hr.

    Please fill the application and attach your resume, cover letter and references to Baiden & Associates Assistant to the President ([email protected]).   

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